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Expressive Arts

At Antonine, pupils are encouraged to develop skills in Expressive Arts through a variety of experiences. The skills taught are based on the Curriculum for Excellence and relate to:

  • Art
  • Music
  • Drama

Opportunities are provided for learning in each of these areas, both by the school's visiting specialist teachers and by class teachers. Specialists liaise with class teachers in order to ensure continuity of learning and to relate work to class topics when feasible.

Learning in Expressive Arts focuses specifically on relevant Curriculum for Excellence Expressive Arts targets but often has a context related to other class work (e.g. pupils may focus on developing their use of line in Art, through activities themed around a Vikings topic).

Activities in other curricular areas involve pupils in learning through the Expressive Arts, to help them achieve learning outcomes for those other curricular areas (e.g. to help pupils explore different types of Viking housing, they may create paintings).

Finally, there are clear cross-curricular links between the Expressive Arts and areas such as PE (part of Health & Wellbeing) and Technologies. Learning and teaching at Antonine includes making the most of opportunities to use and develop these links, to encourage pupils to see how the skills they develop can be of use in many ways.