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Reading Detectives

Reading is taught in a variety of ways throughout the school. It is important that pupils are encouraged and supported in becoming confident readers who read fluently and with expression.

However, as pupils move into the middle and upper school, it becomes increasingly important that they also develop understanding of a wide range of texts. A variety of class based and homework activities help pupils to develop understanding at word, sentence and text level.

The Reading Detectives initiative forms a key part of this and allows us to provide a structured approach to Reading in school and as homework. It aims to engage pupils in developing comprehension and awareness of writers' craft through a range of discussion and written tasks.

Particularly once a pupil can read fluently, the focus for homework tasks will tend to shift from reading practice towards Reading Detectives tasks.

The download link below provides an overview of some of the different tasks your child may be given as Reading Detectives homework.

File icon: pdf Reading Detectives Advice for Parents and Carers [pdf 108KB] Click to download