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About Our School

Antonine Primary School is a non-denominational primary school, situated in Bonnybridge, which is to the west of Falkirk.

Pupils were first taught in the school on 15 February 1988, it being officially opened by Councillor R.G. Montgomery on 15 June 1988. After consultation with parents, the school was named Antonine Primary School, as it is built on the site line of the Antonine Wall.

The school caters for pupils from nursery (3 years) to primary 7. The nursery class has places for 30 pupils in the morning and 30 in the afternoon. Currently there are ten classes for P1–7 pupils, including composite classes.

Nursery education is available offering 2.5 hours of pre-school education sessions each week. Children will benefit from the high quality experience, which will enhance their social, emotional and intellectual development.

As well as striving to deliver all aspects of the Curriculum for Excellence effectively, the school and its community partners also offer a variety of extra curricular activities. For further information, please contact the headteacher.

An extension to the school was completed in November 2006 with each classroom in the school having a smartboard installed.
In 2009 a temporary classroom was also added, due to increased pupil numbers. The school community worked together to create an outdoor classroom, providing a space for pupils to engage effectively with the natural environment. A new school entrance and school office were also subsequently added.

Over a period of time from 2014 to 2016, the school saw further considerable change, with an extension of a further three classrooms added, a new nursery built and the old one demolished, a new staff room added, a larger, modern hall and kitchen area replacing the old hall and kitchen area, 2 classrooms renovated and parts of the original school being altered to accomodate all of these changes.

Since then, a rolling programme of maintenance has seen classrooms in the orginal part of the building renovated and, in 2017, a new library area added to this part of the school too.